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Investor Catalyst Hub Newsletter
November 6, 2023

Investor Catalyst Hub Officially Launches

On October 26, the Investor Catalyst Hub celebrated its official launch in greater Boston as part of ARPANET-H, ARPA-H’s health innovation network, bringing together key stakeholders, including leaders from ARPA-H and the Investor Catalyst Hub, Massachusetts elected officials, network consortium members, and constituents of the U.S. health ecosystem, to mark the beginning of an exciting journey in advancing groundbreaking healthcare solutions. We’re thrilled to join our counterparts from the Dallas-based Customer Experience Hub in plugging into the network—the future is bright for health innovation in America.

Meet the inaugural spokes of the Investor Catalyst Hub network and learn more about their important role in advancing ARPA-H’s mission to provide better health outcomes for all.


Join the Investor Catalyst Hub Spoke Network

Have you submitted your spoke membership application yet? We are seeking applicants who can help us scale health research and venture investment ecosystem capabilities, disrupt traditional care models, create new delivery pathways, and help performers bring game-changing solutions to market to solve big problems in health. Selected spokes gain access to potential funding and flexible contracting for faster award execution compared with traditional government contracts, and membership also offers opportunities to provide input on ARPA-H challenge areas and priorities, along with access to valuable networking opportunities and a robust resource library.

The selection of initial spokes is underway, and we aim to build an inclusive network that represents all 50 states, territories, and tribal nations. Spokes will be selected on a rolling basis, and membership is free. The opportunity to apply to become a spoke is open to all institutions and organizations in the United States with strengths that align with the ARPA-H research focus areas of Health Science Futures, Proactive Health, Scalable Solutions, and Resilient Systems. Apply today!


Meet Up with the Investor Catalyst Hub Team In-Person at an Upcoming Event

Did you chat with us at AFROTECH last week? If not, don’t worry—our team members will be in attendance at a number of ecosystem events in November and are eager to connect to share more about ARPANET-H and the opportunity for you to join the network! Email us to let us know you’ll be at one of the following events, and we’ll schedule a time to meet up.
● November 11-15: Neuroscience 2023, Washington, D.C.
● November 28-29: Research and Innovation Translation Partnerships in Point-of-Care Technologies Conference and Technology Showcase, Bethesda, MD


Office Hours with the Investor Catalyst Hub Team

Book a 1:1 discussion and get your questions answered by our team. Reserve time to speak with Network Lead Baindu Bayon Paicely.


Network Activation Call: Advancing Clinical Trial Readiness (ACTR)

The ARPA-H ACTR initiative aims to improve the nation’s ability to conduct clinical trials safely, quickly, and equitably, with a goal of enabling 90% of all Americans to take part in a clinical trial within 30 minutes of their home. The ARPA-H Customer Experience Hub is issuing its first Network Activation Call in support of ACTR’s goals by seeking feedback on the ACTR initiative description, drawing on the network to source feedback at scale on program concepts, inform technical and funding approaches, and map the landscape of potential partners. Your input is key, and you need not be a Customer Experience spoke member to participate—you are encouraged to share your feedback by the December 1, 2023 deadline.


Register Now: Meet the Customer Experience Hub and Learn About ACTR

Wednesday, November 8, 3 p.m. ET: Educational Webinar. Learn about the work of the Customer Experience Hub and the benefits of being a spoke. A Q&A session for current and interested spokes will be offered. This session will be presented by Mike Stebbins, program executive of the Customer Experience Hub. Registration for the webinar is required here.

Thursday, November 9, 1 p.m. ET: Informational Webinar for ACTR Network Activation Call.

  • Introduction and description of the ACTR Network Activation Call (Mike Stebbins, program executive, Customer Experience Hub)
  • Overview of how Network Activation Call fits into ARPANET-H (Amy Lin, lead of Health Innovation Network | ARPA-H Project Accelerator Transition Innovation Office (PATIO))
  • ACTR Overview (Brian Anderson, M.D., senior advisor for Clinical Trial Innovation, ARPA-H)
  • Open Q&A forum


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