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Accelerating Transformative Health Solutions

The Investor Catalyst Hub, part of the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H), connects researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors to accelerate the development of innovative healthcare solutions.

The Investor Catalyst Hub will facilitate novel research findings and future-forward ideas to advance commercialization, affordability, and revolutionary breakthroughs to achieve improved health outcomes for all Americans.

One of three regional hubs in ARPA-H’s nationwide health innovation network, ARPANET-H, the Investor Catalyst Hub, based in the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts, joins a network that includes a customer experience hub and a hub leading stakeholder and operations efforts.

The Investor Catalyst Hub aims to scale health research and venture investment ecosystem capabilities, disrupt traditional care models, create new delivery pathways, and help performers bring game-changing solutions to market to solve big problems in health.

A vast commercialization network

The hub will offer opportunities for experts from government, industry, finance, healthcare, and academia to collaborate with the goal of accelerating commercialization of medical breakthroughs for people who urgently need them. Our growing innovative spoke network will represent institutions from incubators, accelerators, and venture investors to clinical researchers, academic institutions, and commercialization resources.

The Investor Catalyst Hub and spoke network will allow us to reach a broad spectrum of nonprofit organizations, Minority-Serving Institutions, and rural and urban settings, ensuring that ARPA-H performers can develop and deliver transformative, scalable, and equitable health solutions for all.

As projects mature, the Investor Catalyst Hub offers ARPA-H the ability to mobilize the resources it needs to accelerate and transition projects seamlessly into the commercial phase.

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