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Investor Catalyst Hub Newsletter, March 8, 2024

The ARPA-H Sprint for Women’s Health: What You Need To Know

On February 21, ARPA-H announced a new effort to fundamentally change the trajectory of women’s health care and radically accelerate the next generation of potential discoveries. Through the Sprint for Women’s Health, ARPA-H commits $100 million to galvanize the innovator, investor, researcher, and patient advocate communities to better understand women’s health challenges, take action, and spur innovation. The Sprint will be conducted in collaboration with the Investor Catalyst Hub. The opportunity to pitch after submitting a Solution Summary is exclusive to IC Hub spokes and organizations with an active spoke submission, so apply today!

The funding announcement kicked off with a virtual Proposers’ Day on March 6, featuring an overview of the Sprint and presentations from ARPA-H Program Managers (PMs) about selected topics the opportunity will cover.

The Request for Solutions, opening March 13, will solicit ideas for novel, groundbreaking research and development to address women’s health, as well as opportunities to accelerate and scale tools, products, and platforms with potential for commercialization to improve women’s health outcomes. Awardees will develop unconventional approaches and innovative new avenues to push high-impact biomedical research forward. Find more details in the draft Request for Solutions.

Register Today! SPOKES Sessions: Who’s Who in the Investor Catalyst Hub

We are excited to invite you to the first Strategic Problem-solving for Optimal Knowledge-sharing and Enhancing Solutions (SPOKES) Session—an opportunity for spoke-to-spoke knowledge-sharing and collaboration! The first meeting in this ongoing series will be on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, at 1:00 p.m. ET/10:00 a.m. PT.

These members-only meetings provide an opportunity for spoke engagement brought to you by the Investor Catalyst Hub. Each participating spoke will be invited to introduce themselves to other spokes in a casual, virtual setting moderated by the IC Hub. No more than two registrants per spoke, please! Register now in the member portal.

Help Wanted: Update Your Organization’s Details in the Member Portal

To help us enhance our spoke matching and teaming capabilities, we are asking spoke members to update your organization’s classification and company information on the IC Hub member portal. With this improved spoke categorization and capability tagging, you will be able to access more tailored opportunities for your organization from the hub, ARPA-H Program Managers, and other spokes, and more easily find spokes with capabilities that meet your needs.

We have developed a brief survey to collect updated details about your organization. Your input is crucial in ensuring that we have the most current and relevant information. Please take a few moments to complete your updates using this link.

Watch Now: Monthly Virtual Meeting featuring ARPA-H Program Manager and Open BAA Awardee

Daria Fedyukina, Ph.D., ARPA-H Program Manager, and Stan Wang, M.D., Ph.D., Founder and CEO, Thymmune Therapeutics, joined our March Monthly Virtual Meeting for a conversation on the role of an ARPA-H Program Manager, Thymmune Therapeutics’ Stem Cell-Derived Thymus Rejuvenation (CDTR) project, and key takeaways from the process of submitting to a funding opportunity.

Access the member portal to watch the recording and hear the speakers’ insights about becoming and/or working with a PM, and guidance on how to align your proposals with the ARPA-H mission and programs.

As a reminder, registration for Monthly Virtual Meetings is only open to official members.

Call for Members: Apply Today!

We are seeking spokes to represent all areas of the U.S.! Do you know of an innovative organization in Alaska, Maine, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, or Oregon? Pass the below information along to them or send us their name!

We are seeking new spokes to join the Investor Catalyst Hub network—specifically organizations that can help us scale health research and venture investment ecosystem capabilities, disrupt traditional care models, create new delivery pathways, and help performers bring game-changing solutions to market to solve big problems in health.

Selected members gain access to potential funding and flexible contracting for faster award execution. Membership also offers opportunities to provide input on ARPA-H challenge areas and priorities—critical feedback that will help support the design, delivery, and performance of programs—along with access to valuable networking opportunities. Take a look at our member list to see the types of organizations you would join as a new member of our network.

We are continuing to select members on a rolling basis. Membership is free, and the opportunity to apply is open to all institutions and organizations in the United States with strengths that align with the ARPA-H research focus areas. Apply today!

Events from the Investor Catalyst Hub Spoke Community

Are you an official member with an upcoming event that would be of interest to the Investor Catalyst Hub network? Submit it today for publication consideration on our event calendar and in an upcoming newsletter!

Northeastern University: Extreme Cold Symposium & Hack-A-Thon
March 11, 9:00-11:00 a.m. ET
Medical providers, engineers, pharmaceutical scientists, and designers are invited to explore topics on biomedical monitoring, medication storage, and extreme clothing design, as well as discuss the science around the management of hypothermia and cold injury.

MassMEDIC: Medtech Impact Symposium
March 28, 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. ET
The annual Medtech Impact Symposium brings together diverse industry stakeholders to discuss the impact medical technology has on improving healthcare outcomes. Focusing on the technologies poised to shape the medtech industry, conversations will encompass topics such as the use of data and AI to improve medical technology and personalize medicine.

Angel Capital Association Summit
May 13-15, 2024 | Columbus, Ohio
Register to attend the in-person summit. The 2024 Angel Capital Association (ACA) Summit will offer three days of quality content, interactive discussions, and vibrant networking to elevate your angel investing experience. Learn the latest on trending topics and meet new people, all to help improve your outcomes.

Healthcare Capital Markets and Innovation Summit
June 5-6, 2024 | Columbus, Ohio
Join 400+ healthcare dealmakers and innovators—including company executives, investors, M&A advisors, lenders and lawyers—in the “Smart Health City” for the fourth annual event, featuring two days of networking and innovation discussions. This year we have included the Venture Studio Experience.

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